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Hello and how are you? Today we want to release our last update for this year! Yes, this is the best! Your request, we have added some options like custom control. We worked some more to code something nice to really develop custom control to work for you.
This is not the only option we’ve added to our 3DS emulator. Also, we have added a special feature that also help you to automatically download your favorite game and install it on our emulator. The design has been completely changed and has a new, more user-friendly interface to all users.

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3DS emulator for PC – New Update 2016

3DS emulator for PC is one of the most searched keywords on Google this year. As we have worked hard to develop a complete new tool of work. This is more than two months of work. We’ve added some special features such as: game in full screen mode, no need crack. Just click on the “Download” button below and you can have your own copy of 3DS emulator for PC. So if you want to play as many games as you want for 3DS and you have no console, just download our tool now. Also, we would appreciate if you share with your friends. Facebook Shares 3DS emulator for PC will keep him alive.

3DS emulator for PC. 3DS emulator for PC is the latest version of, and also something new for our site. We present our first emulator, and we think a new generation of hacks here on davincicode. Probably you’ve always wanted a 3DS to play all your buddies games but never enough money to buy it, or buy games for it. 3DS emulator for PC is now free to download, and you can use on the number of machines you want. It works well with all operating systems (tested on WinXP / Vista / 7/8, MacOS and Linux).


3DS emulator for PC is for you updated with all libraries and is free of errors, and is packed in a single ZIP file. You just download our size ~ 5 MB ZIP files and decompress. You will find inside a file *. EXE, run and play this game you want on 3DS PC emulator for FREE.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator

The Nintendo 3DS was first released in Japan February 26, 2011 and worldwide from March 2011. Less than six months later, July 28th, 2011, Nintendo announced a significant price reduction of $ 249 US $ 169 to US amid disappointing launch sales. The company offered ten free games Nintendo Entertainment System and ten free games Game Boy Advance Nintendo eShop for consumers who purchased the system to the original launch price. This strategy was considered a major success, and the console went on to become one of the most successfully sold portable Nintendo consoles in the first two years of his release. At December 31, 2013, all Nintendo 3DS models and combined 2DS models sold 42.74 million units.

A larger model of the console, the Nintendo 3DS XL was released in Japan and Europe July 28, 2012, and worldwide from August 2012. It features displays that are 90% larger than Nintendo original 3DS. An “entry level” version of the console, the Nintendo 2DS, was released in North America, Europe and Australia, October 12, 2013. While playing Nintendo 3DS and DS games, it removes the functionality autostereoscopic ( 3D), and changes the form factor at a fixed, “slate” design.

The Nintendo 3DS XL Nintendo 3DS is the first mobile game console revision produced by Nintendo. Since the passage of the Nintendo DSi XL DSito the, the Nintendo 3DS XL features larger screens, the lifespan of the battery, with size larger than the original Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo 3DS XL is designed to complement the original 3DS, not replace, like the two models remain in production. When open, the Nintendo 3DS XL system the longest, widest and heaviest of the Nintendo 3DS family.

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